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Do Divorce Papers Expire?

how-do-you-navigate-divorce-300x200There are a number of rules involved with divorce, and those extend to expiry dates on divorce papers. You do have a limited time in which to serve divorce papers to your spouse, but you should know that the papers do not actually expire. What expires is the summons or complaint that you are supposed to serve with the papers. This informs your spouse that they are required to sign the papers and return them to the judge.

The summons expires within 60 days, but you can go back to the judge and request an extension. You may need to prove extenuating circumstances or a lack of cooperation for your spouse in order to receive that extension.

Once the summons expires, it cannot be served with the papers anymore. The divorce proceedings will have to continue in another way or you will need to get a new summons from the court. If your summons expires before the papers have been served, then the court may dismiss the divorce entirely. In that case, you will have to file for divorce again or seek another legal proceeding to achieve the desired results.

You do have other means of getting the divorce papers signed and ensuring the proceedings continue. You can issue a statement in the newspaper or otherwise notify your spouse. Some people choose to do so by contacting their friends, either by phone or social media.

So, you don’t need to worry about the divorce papers themselves ever expiring, but they could become null and void because the summons expired and the case was dismissed. This isn’t what usually happens, but you do need to be aware of the possibility and the power of the judge in these kinds of cases. It is in your best interests to serve the papers as quickly as possible and to get the papers signed so the divorce can be settled.

You should know that you cannot deliver the papers yourself. Essentially, any adult but the filing spouse can serve the papers. If you don’t believe you will be able to serve them before the expiry date on the summons, it is best to let the judge know ahead of time. The judge will be more likely to grant an extension if you show that you are planning ahead and actually trying to serve the papers.

How Do You Bail Someone Out of Jail?

finding a way to make bailWhat many people fail to realize is the pressure, and the horrible predicament someone can feel when their family member or relative is taken to jail. Through no fault of your own, you are asked by your friend to assist in getting them released from prison by bailing them out. What happens if you or they don’t have the money for this. Sure you could leave them sitting in jail, but the moral stress, pressure and guilt of that are horrible. Your best option may be using the services of a local Culver City Bail Bondsman.

What Is A Bail Bonds Company?

If you or your family have never been in trouble with the police before then, it is perfectly reasonable that you wouldn’t know anything about bail bond companies. In essence, a bail bond company will cover the cost of bail, which will enable you to get your friend released without having to find the total amount of cash that bail was set out.

The cost for this service is anywhere between 10 and 20 percent. The one thing you need to be aware of with any Bail bond company is that regardless of the outcome, the deposit/fee you pay is non-refundable. So even if the police admit later, that they arrested the totally wrong person, the money paid will not be returned.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Local Culver City Bail Bonds Company?

Apart from the financial aspect that was mentioned before, there are certainly other reasons why using the services of a Lynwood bail bond company is a very good idea. First of all, they understand the system; they have local knowledge about the various courts, and they will be the ideal people to get your friend or family member released from prison quickly.

The second benefit of using a bail bonds company is that they can put your mind at ease and answer any questions you might have about the process. Because they deal with things like this one a daily basis, they know how you are feeling and will be able to put your mind at rest.

They are not emotionally involved and can think with a clear head. They also offer confidentiality. Imagine the situation, your friend, or family member is in prison. Whether they are innocent or not, you won’t want the whole town discussing your business; you might not even want your relatives to know about the situation, so by approaching a bail bonds company, you are guaranteed of confidentiality.

A good bail bonds company can dig you out of a hole, quickly and easily. Thankfully very few people will ever need to use the services of a bail bonds company, but sometimes it can be worth doing a little research on the proviso that it could happen.

At least you are then evaluating companies with a clear head, rather than making potentially bad decisions while under extreme stress. For the person currently detained, a good bail bond company is what they are relying on, along with your decision making. Don’t let your friend down, choose the right bail bond company today, by doing a little research. A little knowledge is always beneficial in the circumstances like this.